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Marauders are ruthless space-faring pirates that have come to Nexus to plunder the planet for its treasure and other valuable resources. Often found in the unmapped regions of space beyond the Fringe, marauders are descended from merchant crews that fought in the Traders' War--an interstellar conflict that happened more than a thousand years ago. Branded as pariahs by their respective civilizations, these crews were forced into exile--eventually becoming the bloodthirsty pirates that prey upon freighter captains and other spacefolk throughout the galaxy today.

Marauder crews are comprised of three races: the tech-savvy Oghra, the thick-headed Grund, and the cunning Eeklu. They can be casually cruel and murderous, slaughtering without remorse in their endless pursuit for treasure and wealth. Most Marauder captains dock their ships among the asteroids of the Halon Ring, a convenient hiding place from which they can loot and pillage both on and off the planet's surface.

In the light of the recent loftite rush, the Deadstar Marauders sent a raiding party to Algoroc, where Exile miners and prospectors are hoping to strike it rich. Led by the brutal Captain Thokov, this ruthless band of killers plundered the Exile mining camp of Tremor Ridge, stealing their possessions and taking a number of prisoners as hostages or worse...

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! The term "tanked" has special meaning for the Marauders. Most Marauder ships are not known for comfort, and a strict hierarchy based on seniority often results in new members sleeping near--or even in--the ship's sewage reclamation tanks.[1]

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