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Deck Sweeper
Location: Command Deck (The Gambler's Ruin)
Part of: Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, and Bag 'Em
Level: 2 (1)
Start: Commander Durek (Command Deck)
End: Commander Durek (datachron)
120 XP
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 20 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
Quest Progression
Previous: The Widow's Web
Next: Walker's Aid

Deck Sweeper is an Exile quest. It is obtained on The Gambler's Ruin by speaking with Commander Durek on the Command Deck.


The Dominion has attacked the Gambler's Ruin, sending waves of Draken soldiers and Mechari agents aboard. Commander Durek has ordered you to defend the Command Deck by killing the Dominion attackers.


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What's a Draken?
The Draken look like giant demon-lizards. With horns. Real sweethearts. The Dominion uses 'em as shock troops. Don't show 'em no mercy, 'cause they sure as hell won't show you any.

What's a Mechari?
They're fancy robot killin' machines with crystals for brains. Rumor is they was created by the Eldan. They're good at spyin' and sabotage, and not too shabby at fightin'.


You assisted the Exiles in repelling the Draken and Mechari attackers on the Command Deck of the Gambler's Ruin before being contacted by Commander Durek. Still, an Exile's work is never done, and the Commander has another mission lined up for you.

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