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Deployment Orders: Operation Genesis is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Southern Grimvault.

Lore entry

Radiant Legionnaires, this is the battle we've been destined to fight since, well, maybe since Emperor Dominus called the people of Cassus to be leaders of a glorious Dominion. We've fought too hard to let it all slip away now, and by the gods whose world we fight for, I swear we will not allow foul corruption to devour the empire.

That doesn't mean I don't see what we're up against. I see this Strain, in all its diseased infamy. My belief in our ultimate victory simply means I've faced down the nastiest, meanest, vilest, and all-around rottenest the galaxy's got to offer with you men, women, and Chua at my side. Through hell and worse we made it through then, and as your commander I tell you the Radiant Legion will be victorious today!

The enemy we face has been testing our limits. They look like beasts, but believe me when I say the smart ones are damned good tacticians. And there's a lot of smart ones, people. Just remember the training, and don't underestimate them, ever. So we stick to the plan and engage where necessary, but remember the goal - the Phagelabs.

Near as we can tell, that's where the Strain has been confined this entire time, but now they've broken free. We're going to shut it down. But along the way, any threats to the Dominion, the emperor, or this planet will be dealt with as the Radiant Legion always deals with the enemies of the empire - with order and justice for all.

This includes the bloody Exiles! Make no mistake. They may not be corrupted by the Bio-Phage, but they're corrupted by treason, treachery, and heresy. They're worse than the Strain. They chose to fight against a just and righteous galaxy, and we shall not now indulge in alliances of convenience with their kind.

The Strain must be contained and ultimately destroyed. The same can be said for the Exiles. They cannot be allowed to take control of the Grimvault. But for the gods and the emperor, the Radiant Legion will.

- Commander Antevian


This journal can be found in Radiant Outpost in front of Protector Villos at (3138.46 710.35).