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The Dominion is a powerful interstellar empire that rules through military strength, powerful religious institutions, and advanced technology. Their goal is to spread discipline, order, and civilization to what they consider the unenlightened races of the galaxy.


Established almost two thousand years ago on the planet Cassus by human-Eldan hybrids called Luminai, the Dominion has since expanded to include five major sentient species as citizens - the Luminai, Cassian humans, Draken, Chua, and Mechari. Today the flag of the reigning Emperor Myrcalus the Vindicator also flies over multiple star systems that are still vassal states, but which aspire to full citizenship in the future.

The Discovery of Nexus

The discovery of planet Nexus was a momentous event in Dominion history. Thanks to the teachings of the empire's powerful Vigilant Church, the citizens of the Dominion believe the planet is not just their right but their divine legacy. In more practical terms, Dominion military, political, and cultural leaders hope that the Eldan's vast knowledge and superior technology will ensure the empire's continued dominance for the next thousand years. Since arriving on Nexus, the Dominion forces have been in constant conflict with the Exiles - the loosely organized group of rebels, mercenaries, and refugees who first colonized the planet.

A New Capital

As the war with the Exiles intensifies on Nexus, Emperor Myrcalus has brought the mighty Dominion arkship Destiny to Nexus and has moved the Dominion's capital from the human planet Cassus to the newly founded city of Illium on Nexus. By establishing the seat of government on the Eldan world, the emperor hopes to usher in a new golden age for the empire.

Luminous gardens of Illium

The Dominion has erected numerous holographic statues in the Luminous Gardens of Illium, an area of their Nexus capital dedicated to the scientific achievements of the Royal Collegium. Many breakthroughs in technology, alchemy, and biology are celebrated in dramatic fashion, as well as the many Eldan discoveries Dominion scientists have uncovered on the planet.