Dominion Military

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The vast Dominion military apparatus has bases and outposts on all the many worlds of the empire, but on Nexus is primarily composed of the armies commanded by General Kezrek Warbringer.

In most Dominion towns and missions there is a military presence and it falls upon the loyal soldiers of the Dominion's legions to defend citizens and prosecute wars against the hated Exiles.


In addition to the best-trained infantry in the galaxy and armies of military-grade warbots, the Dominion employs a variety of armored vehicles and flying craft in their war against the Exiles. Warbreaker tanks are considered among the most effective pieces of ground-based armor. Relatively recent inventions of Mondo Zax's DRED division, these floating vehicles are mounted on twin cozmotronic generators that provide energy for propulsion, shielding and basic energy weapons. Warbreakers can also carry a variety of weapons loadouts, including ballistic weapons, guided missiles, and non-lethal espionage packages.