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You've conquered the planet solo but are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Then gear up and dive into a gaggle of unforgettable dungeons inhabited by the most frightening baddies in the galaxy!

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Dungeons are instanced area requiring a small group of people to fight their way through numerous enemies and bosses in order to accomplish objectives and upgrade gear. Groups consist of 5 players and dungeons can be completed in normal or veteran mode. Veteran mode is for level 50 players and presents new mechanics in the boss fights.

List of Dungeons[]

Dungeon Minimum Level Time Zone Notes
Protogames Academy 10 Algoroc, Celestion, Deradune, Ellevar
Stormtalon's Lair 20 Galeras
Ruins of Kel Voreth 25 Auroria
Skullcano 35 Whitevale
Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden 40 Wilderrun
Coldblood Citadel 50 Arcterra Prime only
Ultimate Protogames 50 Malgrave Prime only

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