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Dyes are used in the Holo-Wardrobe to give armor or clothing a distinct look. Each piece can have up to 3 dye channels. The cost of applying a dye depends on the dye(s) used. Unlocked dyes are available to all characters on an account and can be purchased from special vendors, obtained from loot bags, or sometimes dropped by opponents. Lucky players may also obtain dyes from a Boom-Box as a gift, but may also receive it as a quest reward - like the Protostar Promotional Collection. For this reward, players must visit the Protostar Chromatics Promoter in Thayd or Illium, to gain the quest Chromatic Magnificence.

Dye vendors

Dye Distribution Specialists can be found in each faction's capital city. There are also other vendors found throughout Nexus.

List of dyes

So far, WildStar offers 161 possible dyes for armor and clothing.


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