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Eldan's ruins

The Eldan were a powerful, technologically-advanced race indigenous to Nexus that mysteriously disappeared from the galaxy more than a thousand years ago.[1]

They created the Mechari, a robotic servant race that could communicate with the other races of the galaxy, and watch for developments in culture and technology that might be of interest to them.


With the distinctive white metal and gold highlights, and the ominous green glow, Eldan technology is hard to miss. They are widely sought after for their immense power and versatility, capable of bending the laws of time and space itself.

Primal Focuses

Quite possibly one of the most important and advanced machines the Eldan have constructed are the Primal Focuses, machines that gather intense amounts of pure primal energy. They were used to advance the Nexus Project, and in the creation of the Primevals to prove that a living being could be infused with such high amounts of raw power. They include:

  • The Focus of Air found in Galeras. It is responsible for the constant windiness and cyclones in the region. Osiric also makes his roost there.
  • The Focus of Water found deep underneath the waters of Whitevale. It is to blame for the fluctuations of Whitevale's climate, from warm and almost tropical to freezing and dead. The primeval Hydris lurks there.
  • The Focus of Life found in the jungles of Wilderrun. It floats just above the Everpool, giving the body of water its mystical properties. Vitara makes her home there.

The other focuses have yet to be seen.


Yet another highly sought after machine is the Eldan Terraformer. It is capable of turning a barren wasteland into a lush jungle, alongside rapidly evolving the inhabitants therein to the new climate. For this reason, it is priceless in that it can be used to colonize any planet, or change a hostile region into a breadbasket.

Wildwood Terraformer

Found in Deradune, this terraformer has turned the dry savannah into a miniature Arboria. The Aurin who have appropriated this device call it the "Eldan Treemaker" with good reason.

Outbreak Fen Terraformer

Once an inactive terraformer, it was blown up by the Exiles during the last few moments of a Dominion incursion. The explosion has mutated a large area around it, and birthed mutant squirg that breed rapidly.


The second of the Eldan's great gifts to the humans of Planet Cassus alongside Dominus the Half-Blood, omni-plasm is an extremely versatile substance, capable of manipulating or changing any substance, or taking any form you wish of it depending on the programming of the nanites it is composed of.

Stalker technology is based of omni-plasm, as are medishots and other medical and technological wonders.

Eldan Constructs

The Eldan employed less complex robots than the Mechari as assistants and servants. These machines are still functional even after all this time, proving that the Eldan built things to last.

The Nexus Project

The Nexus Project was the penultimate work of the Eldan, the planet and all its secrets and experiments used in the search for perfection, freedom from the inherent flaws of organic life. Quite a lot of scientific advancements were born here, such as the Primal Focuses, the process of Augmentation, and the numerous other technologies the player finds.

Its purpose was for the creation of The Genesis Prime. The Eldan working on this project were divided into numerous Orders, their work overseen by the Archon.

Jariel, the Archon

The head of the Nexus Project. Usually referred to as "The Archon" rather than by his name.

Order of the Makers

Technological experts, the Makers developed new processes, machines, and technologies for the goals of the Project. Among the most well-known advancements is the Augmentation process, whereby an organism is injected with omni-plasm and cybernetically enhanced.


One of the Eldan's most brilliant minds, Vorion was responsible for the creation of Augmentation and the encryption of Eldan technologies. He is a very collected and diligent individual and represents someone of a more lawful-good alignment in the game's storyline.


Creator of many of Nexus' security and weapons systems. Often made them more dangerous than was strictly necessary to act upon the "potential" of his creations rather than their designated purpose. He thought very highly of himself, and referred to his co-workers as "inferior". He is known to have direct qualms with, and his character seems to be a mirror figure of, Maker Vorion.

Order of the Progenitors

Skilled biologists and geneticists, the Progenitors were responsible for the creation of new life on Nexus. Some notable documented works include the Stemdragon, the Osun, and the Falkrin.


Ohmna is the creator of the Skeech, and had a hand in the creation of the Osun and the Falkrin. She is a very compassionate woman with care for all life, and is a very motherly figure.

She frequently gets into conflict with Nazrek, who is much more depraved, violent, and unfeeling than she; he also often delights in spiting her.


Nazrek was responsible for the creation of the Squirg[2], the Stemdragon[3], the Dreg[4]; responsible for the necromantic capabilities of the Moodies[5], and the appearance of the female Skeech[6]. He is a generally unpleasant person who makes things dangerous and deadly for his own pleasure. He was brilliant but reviled among his peers.

He finds great pleasure in deadly organisms and violence. For instance, he praises the Malverine for its lethality, has spent many a day lounging at the Osun's blood pits, cheering on the barbarians as they tore their slaves and each other to pieces, and actively believes that his considerably more brutal method of augmentation referred to as "Recombination" is a better choice, focusing exclusively on its effectiveness rather than the side effects it has on the creature.

He has a very well-documented dislike of Ohmna, frequently insulting or angering her.

Order of the Watchers

The Watchers served as the force of balance among the other orders. Alongside being directly responsible for ensuring that everyone stuck to scientific protocol, they were also required as a middle-man in the allocation of resources.


Ionis has an uncanny knack for foreseeing any future problems with an experiment, alongside having generally accurate predictions of worrying trends.

Order of the Shapers

The Shapers were responsible for the physical structure of Nexus as a planet, controlling its terrain and other natural phenomena through technology created by the Makers.


Koral, who seems to have been potentially erroneously referred to as "Korol" in some Datacubes found earlier in the game's storyline, is known for his datacubes pertaining to natural phenomenon, including those caused by influence from elemental extremes in the local area.

Order of the Weavers

The Weavers were individuals tailored to the act of primal infusion, responsible for metaphorically "weaving" elements into existing substances to modify their behavior.


Aviel was mostly present in areas where studies of the elements were underway. She has a very diva-like personality.

Order of the Evokers

The Evokers are similar to the Weavers, with the exception that rather than the modification of existing objects, Evokers were responsible for the creation of new objects from nothing but raw primal energies.

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Unknown Order


Yuria has no documented contributions to the Nexus Project. She was a character used as the vessel for an experiment involving Primal Water. Her personality, which was nigh identical to Primal Water, was incredibly volatile, quick to anger - almost bipolar - and generally very snappy.

Dominion origins

The humans in Cassus piqued the interest of the Mechari with their rapid technological advancement that lead them to the development of space flight and interstellar exploration. The Mechari brought this news to their creators.

Around 1600 years ago, the Mechari, on behalf of their masters, journeyed to Cassus in a fleet of hyper-advanced starships. They demanded that the Cassian Sword-maiden Tresayne Toria travel with them back to Nexus and in return the Eldan would provide the Cassians a gift of immeasurable value. They made clear that refusing would be met with dire consequences and so the Cassians agreed.

Years later, Dominus the Half-Blood son of Tresayne, a human-Eldan hybrid, arrived on Cassius bearing gifts of powerful Eldan technology and a message: swear loyalty to him and together they would rule the greatest empire the galaxy had ever seen.

The Cassians unanimously agreed and so he became the first Emperor of the newly established Dominion.


In the centuries that came, the Eldan disappeared, leaving the Dominion and the Mechari as their legacy.

It's unknown, for now, what happened to them.

In time, the Eldan were dismissed from tales as legends, that is, until, Dorian Walker discovered Nexus.


  • Archon is a word used to refer to a leader figure in ancient Athens, translating to "Ruler".