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The Elder Game, also known as End Game, is max level (50) content.


World Story[]

Players can play through instanced solo story content that specifically advances the World Story.

  • Journey into OMNICore-1
  • Vault of the Archon

Daily zones[]

Daily zones are a good source of Elder Gems, gold, and reputation.

Veteran instances[]

Veteran instances are more difficult versions of dungeons, adventures, and expeditions. The mechanics are more complex, however the rewards are increased.


Currently three raids are available: Genetic Archives, Datascape, and Initialization Core Y-83. A fourth raid, Redmoon Terror, is in the works sometime after the Heroes Evolved content drop.

Genetic Archives


Initialization Core Y-83



While anyone can queue for Open (unrated) matches starting at character level 30, playing in competitive (Rated) Arena Seasons requires level 50, and an Arena team formed with other specific players—with teams of 2, 3, or 5 players. Seasons offer arena teams the ability to jump into Rated matches against other teams of similar skill, climb the ranks, and receive rare rewards like mounts and titles.


Warplots are 40 vs 40 PvP battlegrounds that the players construct and maintain themselves.


Elder Gems are max level currency. Any XP gained at the level cap is converted to Elder Points. 75,000 Elder Points equal one Elder Gem. Gems can be used at special vendors to purchase items such as AMP upgrades and ability tier points.