Elemental Guardians

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The six Elemental Guardians (Megalith, Hydroflux, Visceralus, Aileron, Mnemesis, and Pyrobane) are the second-to-last bosses of the Datascape raid. They are sorted into random pairs of two elementals in three different rooms at the beginning of each week's lockout, forming three separate boss encounters for that week. Each elemental pairing is mechanically distinct from other pairings, although many of the elementals tend to re-use abilities across their various encounters.

Elemental Guardians
Elemental Guardians
Level 50 Prime
Health Various
Group Size 40-man
Location Datascape
Status Killable


The Elemental Guardians are an objective of the event quest Reconstructive Memory Dive.


Listed here is each possible elemental pairing. Each Elemental Vortex contains one Guardian that remains in its' respective room from week to week, while the three other guardians shuffle between rooms each lockout.

Elemental Vortex Alpha

Elemental Vortex Beta

Elemental Vortex Delta