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Empowering Probes
Empowering Probes
20 sec cooldown
Range 25.0 m
Requires lvl 22
Grant an Empower and a Bastion to yourself and 19 party members for 10s.

Empower: Increases Damage Dealt by 5%. Bastion:Increases Outgoing Healing by 5%.
Tier Upgrade:
+1s Empower and Bastion duration.

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Grant yourself an additional Empower: Increases Multi-Hit Severity by 6%.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
When you direct damage Multi-Hits, deal an additional 14 technology damage to the targeted foe.

When your direct heal Multi-Hits, restore an additional 16 health to the targeted ally.

Each can occur once every 1s per target.

Empowering Probes is a Medic utility ability available at level 22.


  • Patch 10/21/2015 (21 Oct 2015): T4 caster buff is now separate from the base ability, and will not be overwritten by an ally's Empowering Probes.
    Sound effect now properly plays for T4-8.
  • WildStar: Reloaded (29 Sep 2015): Grants a Bastion (increase Outgoing Healing) in addition to the Empower.
    Probes target self and 19 others within 25m.
    T4: Grants the caster a Multi-Hit Severity buff.
    T8: When your damage Multi-Hits, deal additional damage. When your heal Multi-Hits, restore additional health.
    Tier upgrade: +1s Empower and Bastion duration

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