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The Eldan created many scientific installations called exo-labs (a name written in ancient Eldan script at such sites). Usually contained underground and accessible through a still-mysterious Eldan teleportation system, each exo-lab was usually dedicated to a single experimental goal. Genetic and weapons experiment are frequently part of these projects - the modification of a particular species local to the area, for example, or a specific type of weapons modification tried on multiple subjects.

Exo-Lab Designations

Exo-labs are designated by numeric identifiers. These identifiers can usually be found in Eldan script on the exterior of known exo-lab sites. Exo-Lab 22 for example is located in the Dominion-controlled area called Crimson Isle, while Exo-Lab 14 is found in the Algoroc region, where Exile scientists continue to make daily discoveries about the

Exo-Lab 22

Exo-Lab 22 is located on the Dominion-controlled territory Crimson Isle, and is currently occupied by the Dreg tribe known as the Scarhide. Strong evidence indicates this exo-lab may have once have been used in the creation and modification of experimental life forms - perhaps even the ancestors of the Scarhide tribe themselves.

Exo-Lab 79

Exo-Lab 79 is situated beneath the surface of a dry, rocky area of the Deradune region, which is firmly under Dominion control. The exo-lab itself is diffecult to access, as it has been completely overrun by mutated terminites. It appears the terminites were part of an Eldan experiment which was left mysteriously unattended, but fail-safe mechanisms built into the facility could potentially be used to eliminate the creatures. Until the terminites are dealt with,