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Expeditions, formerly known as shiphands, are instanced extended sequential qests that can be repeated and are scalable from one to five players.

List of expeditions

Expedition Minimum Level Zone Entrance Exile
Fragment Zero 6 Algoroc, Celestion, Deradune, Ellevar
Outpost M-13 12 Algoroc, Celestion, Deradune, Ellevar
Infestation 19 Auroria, Galeras
Evil from the Ether 22 Whitevale Thermock Hold
Rage Logic 27 Whitevale
Space Madness 31 Farside
Deep Space Exploration 33 Wilderrun
Gauntlet 41 Malgrave

Prime Levels and Rewards

Not only do more powerful items come at higher Prime levels, the reward multipliers on Primal Essence gains increase as well—10% added bonus per Prime level. As a refresher course, Essences are what allow you to enhance your character through the Primal Matrix and progression through the matrix increases your Heroism Rating—each Prime difficulty is assigned a recommended Heroism Rating to give you a sense of suggested character power relative to the difficulty of the content.