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Experience points (EXP or XP) are a numerical representation of a character's progression through a game; when a predetermined number of experience points are earned by a character, that character advances to his or her next character level. In WildStar, players can earn experience points by completing quests and defeating mobs within the same level range. Experience points also apply to path levels and tradeskill levels.


Experience point gains can be boosted using a variety of methods. These boosts only apply to character XP, not path or tradeskill XP.


Players who have 2-Step Verification on their account receive a 2% boost to experience gains.


Members of a guild with the Unlock Flask of Experience perk unlocked can purchase a Potion 0004.png [Flask of Experience] from a renown vendor. This flask boosts experience gain by 8% for 4 hours. Potion 0004.png [Flask of Minor Experience] can be obtained from Boom Box.png [Boom-Boxes] and boosts experience gain by 15% for 10 minutes.

Guild perks

Members of a guild with the Guild Experience Enhancer perk active receive an 8% experience boost while the perk is active (7 days).


Players that log out on their housing plot can earn rested experience. Rested experience boosts experience gains on quests and kills. The maximum amount of rested experience a player can build up is 150% of a level. Decor can provide a bonus to rested XP gains. There are five decor bonuses available: Aroma, Ambiance, Comfort, Lighting, and Pride.

Level caps

Character level

The character level cap is 50. Additional experience gained after reaching level 50 is considered Elder Points. Every 75,000 Elder Points are converted to an Elder Gem.

Path level

The path level cap is 30. 49,470 experience points are needed to reach this level.

Tradeskill level

The tradeskill level cap is Tier 5. ?? experience points are needed to reach this level.