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Experiment X-89
Experiment X-89
Level 50 Boss
Health 23,170,014
Group Size 20-man
Location Genetic Archives
Status Killable

Experiment X-89 is the first boss of the Genetic Archives raid, and will be the first raid boss that players will face in WildStar. It must be defeated along with Kuralak the Defiler before a group may access the second floor of the Genetic Archives. Although Kuralak can technically be fought first, that fight is much more difficult and it is considered ill-advised to bring a new raid up against her.


  • Resounding Shout - Raid-Wide Knockback
Applies a knockback and deals damage to the entire raid. He will continue to use this ability periodically throughout the entire fight.
Because of this, most people like to bring some kind of movement ability to the fight.
If you cast a backwards movement ability(Fade Out or Urgent Withdrawl) after you start moving because of the Shout, it will stop the massive knockback and just move you back the distance of your ability.
  • Corruption Globule - Small Explosion
Creates a red circular telegraph about the size of a single platform centered around the player that then destroys whatever platform the targeted player is standing on when it triggers. The targeted player will need to move away from the raid and drop the bomb on a platform that is out of the way, and at the edge of the floor.
  • Strain Bomb - Large Explosion
Places an extremely large telegraph under the targeted player and destroy almost half of the platforms if it's allowed to go off. The targeted player has to jump off of the platforms. That player will then be propelled back into the air by an explosion and take minimal fall damage upon landing back on the platforms.
Every fourth bomb will be placed on the tank. The intended way to work around that is to have a second tank intimidate so the first tank can jump off and the DPS doesn't get autoattacked to death. Some raids prefer to just have the tank taunt before jumping off and intimidate when they get back to minimize the time that DPS have aggro.
  • Repugnant Spew - Rotating Cone
A rotating cone-shaped spray attack periodically used by the boss. The raid simply needs to run away from it to avoid being hit.
  • Shattering Shockwave - Directional Damage
Creates a directional telegraph in the direction of whoever has threat (and directly under the boss), then deals a large amount of damage and destroys the very last platform it touches. The tank needs to direct this attack away from the raid while making sure it destroys the correct platforms.
  • Mighty Leap - Get Over Here!
A movement ability used by the boss to hop to the tank if they're far away.



The entire fight takes place on a number of small hexagonal platforms; all linked together to form a large floor. Throughout the fight, platforms will break and fall away, reducing the amount of space you have to work with. The raid will need to manage this and defeat the boss before they run out of floor space to stand on.

Experiment X-89 opens the fight by destroying the platforms that form a bridge into the center of the room(so run in together), immediately followed by Resounding Shout, then continues to periodically use that along with Repugnant Spew while placing Corruption Globule and Strain Bomb on random raid members and hitting the tank with Shattering Shockwave.

The raid will stack up on the side of X-89 away from the tank while the tank rotates the boss around the edge of the platforms. Any raid members who get a Corruption Globule on them should place the telegraph away from the raid in the opposite direction that the boss is moving. All melee DPS need to stand as far away from the boss as possible or risk being caught in the circular segment of the telegraph for Shattering Shockwave.


The tank is going to be pulling the boss along with him while aiming Shattering Shockwaves in the direction they're moving. DPS should be behind the boss, so the tank doesn't have to worry about wiping the raid with a shockwave so long he/she can hold threat.

The main tank will need to be ready to swap with the off-tank in the event that they're targeted by Strain Bomb and have to jump off the platoforms.


It's extremely helpful to have an addon like AuraMastery installed to track the debuffs for Corruption Globule and Strain Bomb, as the visual cue helps prevent players from accidentally causing raid wipes.

A skilled player can jump off of the platforms as Corruption Globule is about to go off then use a movement ability to jump back, saving an extra platform. However, it's not recommended to do this unless the raid has very low DPS or is running out of platforms, as the maneuver is incredibly risky and can potentially cause a player death if X-89 immediately follows with Resounding Shout and said player finds themselves on the edge of the platforms with their movement ability on cooldown.


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  • Faulty Hypothesis
  • Guild: Faulty Hypothesis
  • Brotherhood of Eight
  • Skywalker
  • Immortal: Experiment X-89

Patch changes

  • Patch 1.0: Added.

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