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You just landed on an alien planet. Majestic mountains in one direction, ancient overgrown ruins in the other. And unimaginable wonders waiting just beyond the horizon for those willing to take the risk… Lace up those boots, explorer. You’ve got a lot of work to do.

Explorers have journeyed across the stars to a legendary planet at the edge of the known universe. You know what? They’re just getting started. Someone has to trek into the dark and terrifying corners of this planet, climbing higher, digging deeper, and going farther than anyone else. That someone is the explorer.

  • Gain rewards from seeking out high vistas and exploring hidden caverns
  • Follow your locator; solve geographic challenges
  • For you if: You just have to find out what’s over that next hill.

Explore the wonders of an alien world. Travel to the darkest corners of this mysterious planet while discovering the locations of ancient artifacts of immense power. Explorers climb higher, dig deeper and go farther than anyone in order to claim territory in the name of their faction.

Mission types[]

Main article: Explorer missions

Explorer ExploreZone Cartography Explorer ActivateChecklist Exploration
Explore each zone completely and reveal the entire map. Nexus is chock full of secret places to discover and explore.
Explorer ScavengerHunt Scavenger Hunt Explorer ExploreZone Operations
Locate and collect the proper pieces. Assist your faction's operations in an area by activating important equipment.
Explorer ClaimTerritory Staking Claim Explorer PowerMap Tracking
Claim all specified locations in the name of your faction. Collect objects along a specific path throughout an area.
Explorer Vista Vista
Reach places only Explorers can get to and enjoy the view.

Explorer path rewards[]

Rank Reward Rank Reward Rank Reward
1 Exile "Drifter" Title
Dominion "Scout" Title
11 UI Item Bag 002 [Navigator's Tote Bag] 21 UI Item Bag 002 [All-Terrain Holdall]
2 UI Item Bag 002 [Survival Backpack] 12 Exile Pants 0002 [Explorer's Comfortable Pants]
Dominion Pants 0002 [Explorer's Polar Pants]
22 Tier 1
3 13 Tier 1 23 Mount Back Accessory [Ground Mount Rear Flair: Explorer]
4 14 Bag 10Slot [Explorer's Upgrade Kit]
Exile "Traveler" Title
Dominion "Wayfarer" Title
24 FAB Kit [Festival Tier 5 FABkit]
"The Adventurer" Title
5 Exile Goggles 0004 [Explorer's Comfortable Headwrap]
Dominion Goggles 0004 [Explorer's Polar Hood]
Exile "Bushwhacker" Title
Dominion "Ranger" Title
15 Exile UI Item Arcane Glove 001 [Explorer's Comfortable Gloves]
Dominion UI Item Arcane Glove 001 [Explorer's Polar Gloves]
25 Mount Side Accessory [Ground Mount Side Flair: Explorer]
6 UI Item Bag 002 [Daypack] 16 UI Item Bag 002 [Cartographer's Case] 26 Tier 2
7 FAB Kit [Festival Tier 1 FABkit] 17 Tier 1 27 Mount Side Accessory [Ground Mount Side Flair: Explorer]
8 Exile UI Item Focal Boot 001 [Explorer's Comfortable Boots]
Dominion UI Item Focal Boot 001 [Explorer's Polar Boots]
18 Exile Shirt 0003 [Explorer's Comfortable Shirt]
Dominion Shirt 0003 [Explorer's Polar Jacket]
28 FAB Kit [Festival Tier 6 FABkit]
Tier 2
9 Coin 02 [Treasure Pile]

Exile "The Hobo" Title
Dominion "The Seeker" Title
19 FAB Kit [Festival Tier 4 FABkit]
"The Wanderer" Title
29 Bag 10Slot [Explorer's Upgrade Kit]
Tier 2
"Expedition Leader" Title
10 FAB Kit [Festival Tier 2 FABkit] 20 Exile Shoulder 0001 [Explorer's Comfortable Shoulder]
Dominion Shoulder 0001 [Explorer's Polar Epaulets]


Name Description Cooldown Cast Time
Activation: Damage taken from falling reduced by 30%. Only affects the caster and their group mates. Does not persist through combat. 10 sec Instant
Activation: Press once to be propelled forward 15m. Second Press: Triggers air brakes to stop short of the full 15m distance. You must be out of combat. Cannot be used in instances. 5 sec Instant multi-tap
Activation: Saves your current position. Second Press: Returns you to your saved position. Greater teleport distances result in longer cooldown times. Cannot be used in PvP instances. 1.0min-60.0 min Instant


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