Explorers Union (faction)

The Explorers Union is the Exile organization in charge of mapping Nexus - everything from the planet's loftiest peaks to its deepest, most dangerous caverns. Inspired by Dorian Walker, the famous Exile explorer who discovered planet Nexus, the fearless members of the Union have dedicated themselves to exploring the every corner of the legendary planet. Exile explorers employ satellite relays to send back topographical data to Union headquarters in the ancient city of Thayd.

Exile Explorers

Exile Explorers are at home in the wilderness or the void, and have often spent as much time in space as they do on the ground. Unlike their Dominion counterparts, who typically lead well-funded expeditions sponsored by Luminai nobility, Exile explorers prefer to work alone. Most own their own ships, or at least employ a reliable pilot, and most are therefore also their own mechanics. Many explorers once became pathfinders, specialists who searched for safe routes through the galaxy and sought secret supply lines during their long flight from the Dominion. With the arrival of the Gambler's Ruin on Nexus, most explorers are returning to their roots, venturing into the wilds to plant homing beacons declaring that they were the ones who got there first.

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