Explorers Union Headquarters

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The Explorers Union Headquarters is a building located in Sylvan Glade in Celestion.

Zone Lore

This building contains two Zone Lore entries: Explorers Union Handbook (Footnotes) and a fragment of Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Attack of the Planet Reapers!.


There are several relics on display inside this building. Inspecting all seven of them awards the achievement Relics of the Glade.

  • The Arm of the Blademother, c. 2 B.E. This is all that remains of a statue of Tresayne erected in Cassus after her departure. The Dominion transported it here, but Exiles shot down the cargo hauler carrying it. The mercs who brought the hauler down recovered this arm to serve as a trophy. Discoverer: Corporal "Easy" Evek, Durek's Destroyers
  • Eldan Tech Fragments, c. 1200-800 B.E. These pieces are from an Eldan machine that may have harnessed and controlled primal life. Information is limited, however, as the local Pell have a habit of disassembling functioning Eldan tech whenever it suits them. Discoverer: Dorian Walker
  • Eldan Lockbox, c. 2100-2000 B.E. This ancient Eldan Lockbox has yet to be breached by hard science or primal power. Its contents are completely unknown. Discoverer: Dorian Walker
  • The Scroll of the Masters, c. 20-50 B.E. The Scroll of the Masters was captured from Pell who served Tresayne. It represents the earliest known written record of the planet Nexus before the Eldan disappeared. The Pell of Nexus once used much more complex language. Discoverer: Anton Lusk
  • Eldan Datachron, c. 1665 A.E. This is not an Eldan datachron. It is a novelty beverage cup purchased for a small surcharge by a museum visitor who recently went out on the town. It was left behind when that same visitor apparently absconded with an intact, but non-functioning, Eldan datachron. Stymied without leads, the curators have left the cup in the datachron's place, hoping that the thief will return. Discoverer (of Datachron) Dorian Walker. Discoverer (of beverage cup): Unknown
  • Shrine-Maiden Statue, c. 900-1000 A.E. This shrine-maiden statue is typical of Torine craftsmanship and aesthetics. Many Exiles were killed taking it from the Torine, but the primal life energy rumored to be stored within it has not yet been found. It is, for now, an attractive museum piece. Discoverer: Denton Lusk
  • Pre-Ascension Eldan Sword, c. 800-500 B.E. Scientists confirm this sword was of Eldan manufacture and designed for their personal use. Whether it was decorative or used in combat is unclear. Exiles consider the entire "Ascension of the Eldan" concept up for debate as well. Discoverer: Macton Lusk