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Within WildStar there are many different factions: formal groupings of different races with a common vision, goal or affiliation. Players will interact with both non-player character (NPC) factions and player factions. You begin your time in WildStar by choosing one of the two player factions. In essence, you are choosing a side with which to be affiliated.

Your reputation with the different factions in WildStar will determine how you are able to interact with players and NPCs on Nexus. Gaining or losing reputation with the various factions in WildStar is determined by the player’s choices and actions. Which quests you complete, which NPCs you help or harm, and what monsters you kill can raise or lower your reputation with the different factions of the world.

If you fall out of favor with a faction, members of that faction may become unfriendly with you. You can become unable to buy from or sell to them, or interact with them at all. Push it even further and they’ll turn hostile, attacking you on sight. However, the same actions may please a rival faction, allowing your reputation to rise with one group while it falls with another.

Player Factions[]

While creating your character, you will choose from one of the two player factions battling for control of Nexus. These factions determine what races are available for the new character, which in turn determines what classes can be selected. While each player faction has all classes within it, not every race can play every class. Furthermore, the race you choose determines the world zone you’ll start in, so your faction choice is very important.

A character’s player faction selection is permanent for the life of that character. The two player factions are currently at war, so characters of one faction cannot group with, talk to, or trade with members of the opposing faction. Each faction has its own world view, which is expressed by its NPCs and their actions. While neither side is evil, each side views the other side as the aggressor in this war and feels perfectly justified in their cause.

The player factions in WildStar are the Dominion and the Exiles.

Known Factions[]

Darkspur Cartel
Deadstar Marauders
Protostar Corporation
Crowe Gang