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Farming is a hobby that uses seeds to grow herb and produce. A certain amount of time must pass before plants can be harvested and the resources are used in most crafting professions. Farming is done in player housing by building a garden.

See Gardening guide for how to grow plants in your plot's garden.


Seeds Herb
Herb seeds.png [Spirovine Seeds] Spirovine plant.png [Spirovine]
Generic seed 01.png [Bladeleaf Seeds] BladeLeaf Plant.png [Bladeleaf]
Herb seeds.png [Serpentlily Seeds] SerpentlilyPlant.png [Serpentlily]
Herb seeds.png [Goldleaf Seeds] Goldleaf plant.png [Goldleaf]
Herb seeds.png [Coralscale Seeds] CoralscalePlant.png [Coralscale]
Logicleaf plant.png [Logicleaf]
Herb seeds.png [Faerybloom Seeds]
Generic seed 03.png [Witherwood Seeds]
MourningstarPlant.png [Mourningstar]
Generic seed 03.png [Bloodbriar Seeds] BloodbriarPlant.png [Bloodbriar]
Seeds Produce
ProduceSeeds.png [Yellowbell Seeds] Yellowbell Plant.png [Yellowbell]
Generic seed 03.png [Pummelgranate Seeds]
Generic seed 02.png [Honeywheat Seeds] Honeywheat plant.png [Honeywheat]
Generic seed 02.png [Crowncorn Seeds] CrowncornPlant.png [Crowncorn]
Stoutroot plant.png [Stoutroot]
Generic seed 02.png [Glowmelon Seeds] Glowmelon plant.png [Glowmelon]
Generic seed 02.png [Flamefrond Seeds] Flamefrond plant.png [Flamefrond]
Generic seed 01.png [Grimgourd Seeds] Grimgourd plant.png [Grimgourd]
Generic seed 03.png [Heartichoke Seeds] Heartichoke plant.png [Heartichoke]