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Among the best-funded Chua collectives on the planet Nexus is Feralplain - one of the facilities run by the head of DRED, Mondo Zax. The wealth of funding for the collective has little to do with the scientific usefulness of the bizarre genetic experiments created there, and far more to do with the fondness that Clanlord Makaza and the Draken of Bloodfire Village have for hunting Zax's strange creations, which he keeps in a localized wildlife refuge he's dubbed "Feralplain Testing Range."

Unsurprisingly, the park is also used as a weapons-testing range for new DRED experiments.

Feralplain Testing Range

When the Draken of Bloodfire Village require truly impressive prey for their Great Hunts, they turn to Mondo Zax and the Chua genetic wizards at the Feralplain Collective. Using primal patterns gathered from Deradune and the rest of Nexus, the Feralplain scientists have created savage creatures to test the boldest hunter. Naturally the Chua of the Feralplain Collective set them loose in a relatively small area to see whether, and how much , their creations will fight each other.

Feralplain Security

Feralplain Testing Range, the zoological research facility mainteined by the Feralplain Collective, uses automated security technology to keep the many strange, diverse, and dangerous creatures that live there from escaping into greater Deradune. No matter how good the technology, however, this security tech still relies on living users for input. Scans of the security stations in the area show that they were recently taken offline, apparently by accident, when a CHua researcher attempted to search the Feralplain computer network for instances of the number zero.