FlameBinder Trovin

FlameBinder Trovin
FlameBinder Trovin.png
Species Pell
Level 46 Prime
Health 128.4k
Reaction D E
Location Malgrave
Status Killable

Flame-Binder Trovin is a prime rare Pell found in Malgrave. He can been seen standing around at the Flamedancer Enclave and Flamedancer Commune. Flame-Binder Trovin casts mostly AoE ranged telegraphs such as Firestorm and Erupting Fissure. With weak attacks, Flame-Binder Trovin is one of the easier rare mobs in Malgrave. His telegraphs do hit harder once he gives himself a buff called Superheated.


  • Arcane Bolt - (Spell)
  • Erupting Fissure - (Ranged) 3 sec cast
  • Firestorm - (Ranged) 3.2 sec cast
  • Overheat - (Ranged)
  • Superheated - (Buff) 1 sec cast | Increases his Assault and Support power by 30%. Dispellable.


Flame-Binder Trovin Location.png
Flame-Binder Trovin location
Flame-Binder Trovin can be found at the Flamedancer Commune (2395,3634) and Flamedancer Enclave (2787,3934).


Killing Flame-Binder Trovin is part of the I Like it Rare: Malgrave achievement.


Flame-Binder Trovin drops the following items:

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