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Forging Ahead
Location: World Story (Arcterra)
Part of: Ice in the Blood
Level: 50
Start: The Caretaker
End: The Caretaker
37500 XP
47 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 53 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
50 Arcterra Reputation
[Pure Soulfrost] x5
Quest Progression
Previous: Venture into Arcterra!
Next: Clues in the Ice

Forging Ahead is a quest. It is obtained in Arcterra by speaking with The Caretaker in Shiverskull Tower.


The Caretaker has instructed you to interface directly with the Thought Forge - an Osun "computer" once used to control Shiverskull Tower's systems - in the hope it will unlock the Shiverskull holocube. Due to the Thought Forge's primitive design, the Caretaker is unable to access it without your help.


  • Access the Osun Thought Forge in Shiverskull Tower
  • Speak with the Caretaker in Shiverskull Tower

More info

What is this Thought Forge?
Although I hesitate to refer to the Thought Forge as a computer, given its ungainly design and brutish language, it apparently serves a similar purpose.

Can't you access the Thought Forget yourself?
Due to its Osun origins, I am unable to properly interface with the Thought Forge. You should have little trouble accessing such a primitive device in my stead.

What do you hope to learn?
The Thought Forge was central to the tower's system, and may unlock the Eldan holocube in Shiverskull Tower. I suspect the Osun and their servants used it to record much of their day-to-day operations.

Episode progression

  1. Venture into Arcterra! (Optional)
  2. Forging Ahead
  3. Clues in the Ice

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