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Forging the Slavemaster is a journal Zone Lore entry found in the Ruins of Kel Voreth.

Lore entry

To forge the perfect slavemaster required to fires of old. The fires of Kel Voreth. Only in this sacred and ancient place will the Osun be reborn as conquerors of Nexus once more. Only in Kel Voreth may Osun smiths create a body for a being as perfect as Slavemaster Drokk. And only I, Forgemaster Trogun, understand the secrets of transforming the constructs of the makers into armor for the soul of the fiercest Osun!

Yea, only the sacrifice of a great Osun slavemaster is worthy of that immortal frame - and Drokk the Malevolent, scourge of the Makers, shall be that Osun! Drokk the Furious, who slew the Disciples of Fire when they tried to take what was ours. Drokk the Invincible, who tire through the invaders with hammer and axe, striking down the people of stone and the tiny fleshlings alike in clouds of blood and gore.

"But what if the process drives him mad?" some asked. "What price this indestructible slave master?"

And now the answer. What price indeed. A few lesser warriors. Fleshlings. Broken machines of the Makers. Yet clearly it was worth it. He is... magnificent.

He will keep the slaves of Kel Voreth in line, and rile over the Blood Pits. He shall be the first of an army of metal giants with the furious souls of Osun and the indestructible bodies forged from the secrets of the Makers themselves. And when the Osun of Kel Voreth are ready to rise up and scour the surface of Nexus, throwing their battle-tested slaves onto the front lines, it will be Slavemaster Drokk who shall lead them!



This journal can be found within the Ruins of Kel Voreth at (436, 896).