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Free-to-Play, or F2P, is a play option that was introduced with WildStar: Reloaded. Players who choose this option do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Characters can be played up to level 50 and path level 30 and experience every zone, dungeon, raid, and battleground. No content is restricted from free players. There are some initial restrictions on services and social functions, which can be unlocked through the Cosmic Rewards system. Most new content and features will be available to both free and Signature players. However, there are plans to include optional purchases with all new content. There may also be some new content and full expansion packs exclusively for purchase in the future.

Free vs. Signature accounts[]

There will two main types of account when the game transitions to free-to-play:

  • Free accounts get full access to the game, and there is no recurring payment of any kind required.
  • Signature accounts get everything provided by the free service, along with the unique bonuses and benefits detailed below. Signature accounts require a payment plan offered in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month increments including C.R.E.D.D., a game time card, or recurring payments.

All existing accounts that don't have an active recurring payment method, C.R.E.D.D. redemption, or game time card redeemed when the transition occurs will be considered inactive. These accounts will automatically convert to the free service, which will persist until the account holder chooses to sign up for Signature service.

Feature comparison[]

Features Free Signature
Auction House Three (3) active buy bids
Three (3) active sell lots
Thirty (30) active buy bids
Thirty (30) active sell lots
Commodities Exchange Three (3) active buy orders
Three (3) active sell orders
Thirty (30) active buy orders
Thirty (30) active sell orders
Circuit Board Crafting No bonuses -15% Overcharge Risk
Coordinate Crafting No bonuses +10% Target Radius Size
Gathering Normal rate 10% bonus material proc chance
Currency Earn currency at normal rates Earn 25% extra currency
Cosmic Points No bonuses Cosmic Points earned for each month's renewal
Reputation Earn reputation at normal rates Earn 50% extra rep from combat
Earn 25% extra rep from quests
XP Earn XP at normal rates Earn 25% extra XP
Rest XP 1% every 12 hours, capped at 150% of the current level Earning rate doubled, capped at 200% of the current level
"Wake Here" Cooldown 1 hour Cooldown time reduced by 50%
Circles Can join one (1) Circle
Cannot invite into or create Circles
Can join five (5) Circles
Can create and invite anyone (including Free players) into Circles
Guilds Cannot invite into or create a Guild Can create and invite anyone (including free players) into a Guild
Warparties Cannot invite into or create a Warparty Can create and invite anyone (including free players) into a Warparty
Holiday Events Earn currency at normal rates Earn 25% extra currency
Support Tickets No priority Priority Access
Queue Bypass No priority Priority access
PTR Access No Yes

Box purchasers[]

Those who purchased and claimed a box code for WildStar before 29 September 2015 will receive some grandfathered benefits only available to box-purchasers, which will ensure that these accounts retain an experience that most closely matches that of the launch game. These benefits include:

Item Free Players Box Purchasers
Character Slots 2 12
Costume Slots 4 6
Personal Bank 2 Slots 5 Slots
Decor 1000 total decor items placed 2000 total decor items placed

Box purchasers will also receive an amount of Cosmic Points based on:

  • The version of the box redeemed (Standard vs. Deluxe)
  • The number of months subscribed through recurring payment, C.R.E.D.D. or game time cards prior to the free-to-play launch

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