Free Companies of Nexus (FCON)

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The Exiles do not have a traditional standing army. Instead, the faction is defended by a number of free companies, loosely hierarchical military groups consisting of Granok mercenaries and other volunteer fighters from the various races of the faction. The high commander of FCON is Durek Stonebreaker, the Granok leader who successfully led the Granok against the Dominion during the War of Gnox.


In times of trouble, leaders of exile communities will contact FCON headquarters on the Gambler's Ruin and request assistance. Once the situation has been assessed, a free company is sent out immediately - often within minutes or hours. Exiles mercs often arrive via drop pods, tiny one-man vessels launched from orbit, crash to the battlefield, and deploy their armed and ready cargo within seconds.

Chain of Command

The chain of command in a free company is fairly flat. In general, the company's commander gives orders, and the company sergeant makes sure that they are executed. Coporals report to sergeants, while the rank and file are generally ranked as troopers. Regardless of rank, respect in a free company comes from experience and success, not a title.

All companies report to the supreme commander, Durek Stonebreaker, via FCON Command.

Company Names

A company's success - and survival - is often up to the courage, wisdom and grit of their commander. Because of this, free companies derive their names from those of their current commanders - "Crull's Cammandos" or "Durek's Destroyers" for example. Mercs take great pride in these names - a merc under Durek's direct command would call himself a Destroyer first and a merc second.

When a commander is killed or actually manages to live long enough to retire, the company name is adapted to the new leader's.