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Giant Frost.jpg

Frost Giants are large, bipedal creatures found primarily in the arctic regions of Nexus. They are roughly humanoid, with long arms, massive hands, and largely bare, bluish skin. Frost Giants have unusually large ears, which aid them when hunting, and their heads are covered in long, shaggy fur that falls over their back, chest and shoulders.

Frost Giants are rarely seen above ground unless they are hunting for food, preferring to hibernate for long periods beneath the deep and treacherous snowpack. When their sharp ears detect the footsteps of prey above, they will awaken and emerge from beneath to attack. It is not unusual to see Frost Giants leading hordes of Arctic Yeti, who are subservient to the larger species due to its strength, and ferocity.

SPECIAL ATTACKS: Frost Giants rely on their size and strength when attacking, slamming their hammer-like fists into the ground and knocking foes off their feet.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Frost Giants have famously terrible eyesight, exacerbated by the thick fur that often covers their eyes. Recommendations for alternate hairstyles have been largely ignored.[1]