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Gamma Rays
Gamma Rays
1.25 sec cast
2 Actuator
No cooldown
Range 20.0 m
Requires lvl 1
Deal 31 technology damage with 3 beams. Each beam can hit 2 foes, and foes can be hit by each beam.
Tier Upgrade:
+1 damage per beam.

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Cast time reduced to 0.85s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
Landing a hit with Gamma Rays refunds 1 Actuator.

Gamma Rays is a Medic assault ability available at level 1.


  • Invasion: Nexus (5 May 2015): T8 bonus: Landing a hit with Gamma Rays refunds 1 Actuator.
    Base damage has been increased to 13.66 per level and 31.41% Assault Power, changed from 12.99 and 29.82
    Damage per tier has been increased to 2.1% Assault Power, changed from 1.71%
    VFX have been normalized across all tiers.
  • Patch 10/02/2014 (2 Oct 2014): The T4 bonus will now simply reduce the cast time to 0.85 seconds.
  • Patch 09/12/2014 (12 Sep 2014): We have reverted the changes made to Gamma Rays Tier 4, which caused issues with the Tier 8 bonus and Recycler.
  • Patch 09/11/2014 (11 Sep 2014): Gamma Rays T4+ will now use Rapid Tap mechanics. This resolves a timing bug with T4 casting.
    Buff icons no longer display denoting the current cast time as the Rapid Tap UI addresses this need itself.
    There is now an 8-second limit to cast all 3 beams before cast time is reset.
  • Patch 08/29/2014 (29 Aug 2014): Fixed a GCD delay issue when using Tier 4 and above.
  • Patch 08/07/2014 (7 Aug 2014): Reduced Target Count to 2, down from 3.
    Increased base damage to 14.43 damage per level, up from 14.19 and 33.13% Assault Power, up from 32.62%.
    Reduced the Tier 4 bonus to 0.45 seconds, down from 0.5.
    Removed the cooldown from the Tier 8 bonus.
  • Strain (1 July 2014): Fixed an issue where using Tier 4+ would consume all 4 Actuators following Energize.

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