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The reptilian garr are a predatory species that frequent the rivers and freshwater lakes of Nexus. Like many aquatic reptiles, they hunt by remaining still and floating in the water, allowing their fan-like dorsal spines to help them regulate their body termperature while waiting for the moment when potential prey gets carelessly close. They then latch onto their victim with long, narrow jaws that end in barbed hooks for teeth. Garr-infested waters and shorelines should be avoided by all but the most courageous travelers.

Garrskin Trade

Plentiful, sturdy, and available in a wide variety of textures and hues, garr hides are treated, tanned, and sent all over the galaxy by industrious traders like Protostar as "garrskin." In the time since Nexus was discovered, garshkin has become a popular material for clothing, bags, upholstery, and even swimwear.

Physical Description

Gar resemble many species of aquatic reptilian predators common on other worlds, such as the killigator of Cassus or the crocodevils of Cymin 5. They posses long snouts full of sharp, barbed teeth, long bodies that are one-third tail, and thick, armor-like scales resistant to shellark bites. Garr also possess spinal fins which can extend or retract, creating more surface area to cool the garr's body in warm climates or less when in the cold. Unlike many reptiles, however, they are mildly warm-blooded and can survive in cold climes that would kill other reptilians.