Glazed Dawngrazer

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Glazed Dawngrazer
Glazed Dawngrazer
Celestion Comestibles
Required Level: 10
Max Stack: 20
Use: Eat: Restores 860 Health and 34 Focus every 1s while eating. After eating, you become stuffed for 30 minutes:

Stuffed: Increases your Multi-Hit Severity Rating by 86 and your Health by 155.

Sell for: 77 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Glazed Dawngrazer is a Celestion Comestibles Cooking item.


Glazed Dawngrazer can be created through cooking.



The recipe for Glazed Dawngrazer is a variant of the Tender Meat.png [Dawngrazer Roast] recipe.

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