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Gorgek for Warlord! is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Auroria.

Lore entry

[The following is written on paper that appears to have been folded many times and is damp with smelly Osun sweat. It is probably best not to wonder about where it has been, although your datachron is able to translate the strange writing.]

Overseer Gorgek has a plan. Must not let any other Osun know until time is right. If they did, they would try to stop me, and Gorgek must win. Gorgek MUST succeed! Only Overseer Gorgek sees the real problem in Voreth tribe. Only Gorgek understand the solutions the Voreth tribe needs.

Voreth make weapons. Lots of weapons! And for what? To go to war! But how many weapons do the Voreth Osun really need? Overseer Gorgek estimates Voreth Osun have twenty swords for every Osun. Ten shields. Helms, axes, clubs, we have plenty of. But what about infrastructure? What about needs of everyday Osun? Voreth Osun literally live in ruins! Is it not time to rebuild? Is it not time to focus on what makes Voreth Osun great? We can forge our own destinies. We do not need to take it from the gods. We can be gods ourselves with the power inside Kel Voreth!

Gorgek's plan is simple.

  • 1. Delve into the depths of Kel Voreth.
  • 2. Find Eldan superweapon.
  • 3. Slay Voreth Osun warlord.
  • 4. Gorgek in charge!

When Gorgek in charge, Voreth Osun start producing more than ever! Increase the number of slaves. Take the offworlder worms - they are puny and small, but obedient. And more arrive every day. All the slaves in the galaxy for the taking!

This can work. It must work! I, Overseer Gorgek, must become the new warlord!

[The remainder of the document consists of a crudely drawn series of images and directives depicting the titular Osun overseer of the title turning on his fellow Osun, slaying the loyalists and supporters f the Voreth warlord, and becoming the new warlord himself. The paper is very old, however, and so it is unclear whether Overseer Gorgek was ever able to accomplish his goal.]


This journal can be found at The Fires of Kel Voreth, close to a Voreth Overseer at (-1582, -287).