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Granok are a silicon-based sentient species whose bodies are made of dense, living stone. Centuries ago, Granok mercenaries banded together to beat back the mighty Dominion armies that threatened their homeworld. But when the war was over, these battle-hardened mercs were exiled when they refused to stand down and return to their peaceful lives. Joining up with the humans of the Exile Fleet, these Granok Exiles evenetually decided to sign on to the Exile Accords and join the humans' fight against the Dominion. Today, most Granok are battle-tested, hard-drinking mercenaries. They lead the Exile Free Companies, which serve as the de facto Exile military, but will still work for anyone in the galaxy willing to meet their standards and pay their price - in other words, no Dominion need apply.

The War of Gnox

Several hundred years ago, the Dominion attempted to invade Gnox, but the Granok refused to surrender. Their merc companies drove the empire from their homeworld and aimed to chase them all the way back to cassus. But the leaders of gnox demanded the armies stand down and return home - something the mercs refused to do. In response, the Granok of Gnox exiled their saviors from the planet, only allowing mercenaries to return if the swore to follow the Way of the stone for the rest of their long lives. No mercs accepted the offer.

Life on Gnox

Life on Gnox evolved from silicon-based organisms, including analogs of more typical carbon-based birds, fish, reptiles, and insects - and like the Granok, these creatures are colloquially said to be made of "living stone."