Greenhouse Defense

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Greenhouse Defense
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Path: Settler
Type: Expansion Settler DepotImprovements.png

Greenhouse Defense is a settler expansion mission.


Build improvements in the Greenhouse of the Gambler's Ruin

This attack is a good chance for the Pioneering League to test its mettle. Gather TripleArcBatteries.png  [Triple-Arc Batteries] to power up improvements at the depot.

Avenues of Development

  • Security: 0/10
  • Quality of Life: 0/10


Settler depots

Icon Name Description Type Cost Duration
Health max 001.png Defender's Health Boost Increases maximum Health by 15% +1 Security TripleArcBatteries.png  [Triple-Arc Batteries] x1 1 minute
UI CRB Colonist.png Run Boost +1 Quality of Life TripleArcBatteries.png  [Triple-Arc Batteries] x3 2 minutes


Good work, Settler! Your actions have gone a long way towards saving the Gambler's Ruin.

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