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Grovewalker's Leather Gloves

Grovewalker's Leather Gloves
Armor -Medium - Hands
Required Level: 6
Bind on pickup

153 Armor
4 Tech
2 Strikethrough rating

Durability: 26/26
Buy for: 20 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 58 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
Sell for: 4 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 11 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Grovewalker's Leather Gloves are Hand-slot Medium armor.


Grovewalker's Leather Gloves can be purchased for for 20 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 58 UI CRB Coin Copper.png from the following vendors with liked rank with the Protectors of Celestion Reputation:

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