Grug the Executioner

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Grug the Executioner
Grug the Executioner.png
Species Krogg
Level 43 Prime
Health 95.9k
Shield 27.3k
Reaction D E
Location Malgrave
Status Killable

Grug the Executioner is a prime rare Krogg found in Malgrave. He can been seen standing around at the Swindler's End wielding his spike ball of death. He is one of these most difficult rare mobs to defeat. Kiting him is suggested but Grug the Executioner is surrounded by his fellow Darkspurs, so the area should be cleared before engaging him.


  • Burning - (Spell)
  • Clobber - (Melee)
  • Magma Flurry - (Melee) 3.5sec cast
  • Shockwave - (Melee) 2.82 sec cast
  • Smash - (Melee)
  • Bolstering Shout - (Buff) Provides a 40% increase to his Assault and Support Power.
  • Entangling Shield - (Buff) Snares an attacker for 1 second. Dispellable.


Grug the Executioner's location

Grug the Executioner can be found at the Swindler's End (2995,4372).


Killing Grug the Executioner is part of the I Like it Rare: Malgrave achievement.


Grug the Executioner drops the following items:

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