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A guild is an in-game group of players. Guilds have a variety of focuses including socializing, raiding, and PVP.

Forming a guild[]

To form a guild, a player must be level 12 and speak with a guild registrar in their faction's capital city. The cost to create a guild is 10 UI CRB Coin Gold.

Guild registrars[]

  • Dominion Guild Registrar Callin - Fate's Landing, Illium
  • Exile Guild Registrar Elwick - Academy Corner, Thayd

Guild perks[]

Main article: Guild perk

Guild perks are several tiers of unlocks that a guild can spend influence on. The unlocks include boosts to reputation, influence, experience, money, prestige, and renown, flask unlocks from a renown vendor, and mobile bank and repair vendors.

Guild holomark[]

Main article: Guild holomark

A guild holomark is an image chosen at the time of guild creation used to represent a guild. The holomark consists of a background image and a foreground image. Guild members can toggle the display of the holomark around their character.

Guild taxes[]

Guild taxes are an optional feature for guild leaders. With this turned on, 5% of guild member loot will get contributed to the guild vault.

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