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Honey Expedition Distress Call is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Everstar Grove.

Lore Entry

[This Chua's datachron has been set to distress mode, but the emergency transmitter switch is stuck in the off position by an unfortunately placed glob of honey. You are no doubt the first to read his final tragic message.]

Calling High Lord Mucky Muck Malvolio Portius!
Hellooooooo! This Tizgo Gopp, in command of Firestorm expedition to go find you some STUPID HONEY for your STUPID TEA! Got news for Your Royal Fancypantsness - honey in this area already spoken for by bees. BEES the size of SHUTTLES! You ever hear of buzzbings, Baron Von Stuck-Uppington? No? Me neither! Not until Tizgo and crack team of Firestorm Scouts got sent on ridiculous mission to collect tea-sweetener!

Sure, there are regular bees here, Ordinary kind, only as big as Tizgo's thumbs. But they're just the babies!

Anyhoo, Tizgo has been stung about seven hundred times so far. Can't feel pain anymore. Mouth only thing moving... and... not easy. So good job... Duke... Dumb-face. Killed us for... tea.

Hope... you choke... on... your... tea.


This journal can be found in Bloodbloom Vale next to a dead Chua at (165.40 -3466.29).