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The ICI is one of the oldest divisions operating within the Dominion. A network of covert spies and intelligence operatives at the command of the Mechari Millennials, they know everything that goes on within the empire (and very much that goes on without). In addition to their primary focus - information gathering and strategic operations - they are known to perform more unsavory operations such as prison camps.


The Imperial Corps of Intelligence (the ICI) operates outside the jurisdiction of any other organization within the Dominion. The leader of the spy organization, the Millennial named Axis Pheydra, reports directly to Emperor Myrcalus himself. She can overrule or override virtually any other Dominion citizen, though she does not ever do so without good reason.


The ICI employs a number of interrogation techniques to extract needed information from key prisoners. ICI interrogators do not employ physical duress or torture unless other methods fail, but they find that such measures are often necessary to retrieve vital secrets crucial to the survival of the Dominion itself.


Imperial Corps of Intelligence operations are usually carried out by as few agents as possible to limit the potential for error. A single junction may run several operations at once - usually focused on smaller, less detectable objectives - or be completely committed to a single broader goal that requires greater risks. The Mechari in charge of an ICI operation - and there usually is one - continually calculates the odds of success on any operation. If these calculations prove the chance of success has fallen below a certain threshold the operation may be terminated without warning. This may require the elimination of certain contacts or informants to preserve secrecy. In rare cases this may require the elimination of full-fledged agents.