Interfacing with Eldan Tech

Interfacing with Eldan Tech is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Arcterra.

Lore entry

A coalition of Galactic Scientists Report

Prepared by Professor Narva Zernov

With a Forward by Senior Professor Kotrissian Straxus

Containing Personal Annotations from Teaching Intern Geer Wick

The Eldan! Ancient architects of the universe itself! (1) And nowhere (2) is evidence of their great works more visible than their ancient homeworld, (3) the planet Nexus.

(1) - Now this here's what we call a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it? Not saying the Eldan didn't create a whole lot of amazing things, right? Did a lot of amazing deeds, so they did. Gave us the Dominion, and split us Cassians down the middle 'twixt highborn and lowborn, and all that, but build the bloody universe? Com on. Pull the other one.

(2) - Well nowhere we know of, right? It's a big universe - which no, the Eldan probably didn't design from the ground up, no matter what the church would have us believe - and they probably didn't do everything on one bloody planet. And with that, I should probably mark these annotations "personal" before I get a visit from the IC-bloody-I.

(3) - THIS again. "Ancient homeworld," is it? Has the great and powerful Professor Straxus read ANY of the findings coming out of his own field researchers reports? Doubtful, seems like. Even I know there's serious debate about whether this place is the actual Eldan homeworld or not, and I'm just some lowborn teaching intern, ain't I? Crack a book sometime, Professor!

[The cold weather has damaged this datapad, preventing further examination of its contents and the secrets of interfacing with Eldan technology purportedly contained therein.]


This journal can be found in Shiverskull Tower on the platform next to the Thought Forge at (-134, -215).

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