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Ivanna Cooks is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Whitevale.

Lore entry

[An excerpted recipe from a self-published cookbook that contains complex recipes well beyond the abilities of most ordinary chefs. Many of the ingredients described cannot even be found on Nexus, and some have been extinct for many centuries. Ivanna seems to enjoy a cooking challenge.]


  • 2 royalspoons finely grated tynes
  • 1 scupper whole mammodin milk
  • 2.5 royalspoons girrok butter
  • 3 royalspoons refined Cassian millgrind
  • 0.5 commonspoon kartiffe
  • 0.5 commonspoons smalt
  • Pinch of ground znarlu root
  • 5 large wild ravenok eggs (fresh)
  • 1 scupper coarse-grated Jeleb cheese
  • 0.2 commonspoon hellpepper

Spread the prepared girrok butter in a metal soufflé dish with a spatula. Add millgrind and kartiffe to the butter.
Separate the eggs, and in a separate bowl, beat the whites with the tynes and Jeleb cheese.
Spread this mixture over the prepared butter and spice mixture to create an entirely new mixture.
Beat the egg yolk and the zarlu root until creamy.
Bake in a moderately hot oven for 12 minutes.
Serve immediately.
Inform guests of hellpepper ingredient after consumption.
Pass out antidote to hellpepper poison before death ensues.
A slight delay in dessert service is recommended.


This journal can be found in Palerock Post beside Merchant Ivanna at (-2128, -722).