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Jabbits are small, herbivorous mammals with a prodigious breeding rate, valuable fur, and ravenous appetites for vegetables and fruit. They are native to many planets, and are believed to have spread throughout the galaxy by stowing away on starships where they are often considered pests. Hunters, and wild predators on Nexus often eat jabbits, while some humans and Aurin like to keep them as pets.

Physical Description

Jabbits range in size and color depending on their habitat, but share many common qualities and are recognized as a single species despite minor phenotypic differences. All jabbits possess long ears, longer bodies, short legs, and stubby tails. Similarities to the Lopp of Lagos have led some to theorize the jabbits originated on that world as well, but no genetic evidence has been found to back this up. Their planet of origin may remain a mystery, although they are found on many different worlds. Arboria, the Aurin homeworld, was home to a particularly large and intelligent population, and many Aurin brought Arborian jabbits with them to Nexus.

Map Jabbits

Aurin explorers have long used map jabbits to help survey unexplored areas of the planet. These "map jabbits" are chosen from the most inquisitive jabblings, the ones most likely to leave their siblings behind and strike out on their own even before their eyes open. Their masters train with them every day, and grow quite attached to them over time. Lost map jabbits are one of the leading reasons for mild alcoholism among Aurin jabbit enthusiasts.