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Keybindings map keys on a keyboard to functions within WildStar. These keys can perform actions with the character or control user interface windows.

List of keybindings


Command Key Alt Key
Interact F
Cast Objective Ability T
Cast Innate Ability R
Path Action G
Path Action 2 CTRL-G
Toggle Scanbot Insert
Toggle Weapons \
Vacuum Loot V 0
Limited Action Set 1 1 1
Limited Action Set 2 2 2
Limited Action Set 3 3 3
Limited Action Set 4 4 4
Limited Action Set 5 5 5
Limited Action Set 6 6 6
Limited Action Set 7 7 7
Limited Action Set 8 8 8
Cast Gadget Ability 9 9
Cast Path Ability 0
Action Bar 1 Slot 1 CTRL-1
Action Bar 1 Slot 2 CTRL-2
Action Bar 1 Slot 3 CTRL-3
Action Bar 1 Slot 4 CTRL-4
Action Bar 1 Slot 5 CTRL-5
Action Bar 1 Slot 6 CTRL-6
Action Bar 1 Slot 7 CTRL-7
Action Bar 1 Slot 8 CTRL-8
Action Bar 1 Slot 9 CTRL-9
Action Bar 1 Slot 10 CTRL-0
Action Bar 1 Slot 11 CTRL--
Action Bar 1 Slot 12 CTRL-=
Action Bar 2 Slot 1 ALT-1
Action Bar 2 Slot 2 ALT-2
Action Bar 2 Slot 3 ALT-3
Action Bar 2 Slot 4 ALT-4
Action Bar 2 Slot 5 ALT-5
Action Bar 2 Slot 6 ALT-6
Action Bar 2 Slot 7 ALT-7
Action Bar 2 Slot 8 ALT-8
Action Bar 2 Slot 9 ALT-9
Action Bar 2 Slot 10 ALT-0
Action Bar 2 Slot 11 ALT--
Action Bar 2 Slot 12 ALT-=
Non-Assigned Commands
Cast Misc. Spell
Action Bar 3 Slot 1
Action Bar 3 Slot 2
Action Bar 3 Slot 3
Action Bar 3 Slot 4
Action Bar 3 Slot 5
Action Bar 3 Slot 6
Action Bar 3 Slot 7
Action Bar 3 Slot 8
Action Bar 3 Slot 9
Action Bar 3 Slot 10
Action Bar 3 Slot 11
Action Bar 3 Slot 12
Floating Action Bar Slot 1
Floating Action Bar Slot 2
Floating Action Bar Slot 3
Floating Action Bar Slot 4
Floating Action Bar Slot 5
Floating Action Bar Slot 6
Primary Pet Action Bar Slot 1
Primary Pet Action Bar Slot 2
Primary Pet Action Bar Slot 3
Primary Pet Action Bar Slot 4
Primary Pet Action Bar Slot 5
Primary Pet Action Bar Slot 6
Set Stance 1
Set Stance 2
Set Stance 3


Command Key Alt Key
Camera In Mouse Wheel Up
Camera Out Mouse Wheel Down
Non-Assigned Commands
Camera Up
Camera Down
Camera Left
Camera Right
Explicit Mouse Lock
Toggle Camera Angle


Command Key Alt Key
Chat Reply CTRL-R
Non-Assigned Commands
Chat Re-Whisper


Command Key Alt Key
Toggle Interface ALT-Z
Toggle Framerate CTRL-F


Command Key Alt Key
Sprint Modifier Shift
Jump Space Num 0
Move Forward W Up
Move Backward S Down
Strafe Left Q
Strafe Right E
Turn Left A Left
Turn Right D Right
Toggle Walk Num Del
Toggle Auto Run Num Lock
Non-Assigned Commands
Pitch Up
Pitch Down
Dash Forward
Dash Backward
Dash Left
Dash Right
Directional Dash
Toggle Sit
Move Down


Command Key Alt Key
Target Self F1
Target Party 1 F2
Target Party 2 F3
Target Party 3 F4
Target Party 4 F5
Target Next Enemy Tab
Target Next Friend CTRL-Tab
Non-Assigned Commands
Target Previous Enemy
Target Nearest Enemy
Target Previous Friend
Target Nearest Friend
Assist Target
Set Target Mark 1
Set Target Mark 2
Set Target Mark 3
Set Target Mark 4
Set Target Mark 5
Set Target Mark 6
Set Target Mark 7
Set Target Mark 8


Command Key Alt Key
Character Panel P
Communicator C
Friends List N
Game Menu/Close Window <
Group Finder U
HUD Show Quests Home
Inventory I
Limited Action Set Builder B
Quest Log L
Social O
World Map M
Non-Assigned Commands
Auction Listings