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Kezrek Warbringer
Kezrek Warbringer
Title <General>
Gender Male
Species Draken
Occupation Leader of the Dominion Military
Status Alive
Mentor(s) General Zarkuna One-Horn

As supreme commander of the Dominion military, Kezrek Warbringer is arguably the most powerful Draken who has ever lived. A noble and uncompromising warrior whose strategic prowess knows no equal within the Dominion, he leads the charge against the hated Exiles and their mercenary leader, Commander Durek Stonebreaker.[1]

As the supreme commander of the Dominion military, Kezrek holds the rank of General.[1]

Physical Description

Kezrek is a physically powerful, albeit aging, Draken who is nevertheless more than the equal of any other warrior under his command. He bears his many battlescars with pride, and has survived many wounds that would have killed lesser beings. Kezrek’s left pauldron is adorned with the skull of his predecessor, General Zarkuna One-Horn, which acts as a stark reminder that he has earned his position through trials by combat. His right pauldron is bare, for Kezrek has sworn to mount Durek Stonebreaker’s head there when the time comes.[1]


Kezrek considers himself to be a simple Draken. While he is vicious and unforgiving on the battlefield, Kezrek remains an honorable warrior possessed of integrity and uncompromising loyalty to the Dominion. He loves to wage war and lead worthy troops onto the field of battle, and prefers to do so personally when he can.

Though he believes them to be ultimately weak and flawed, General Warbringer harbors a grudging respect for the Exiles. The Exile commander, Durek Stonebreaker, is perhaps his greatest foe, and Kezrek has sworn to defeat him at all costs. In the end, he can think of no greater honor than defeating Durek in single combat, thereby denying the Exiles their greatest war hero.[1]


Kezrek has served in the Dominion military since his coming of age. Though his initial years were unremarkable, he eventually began the bloody climb up the chain of command. Starting with his sergeant, and then his captain, Kezrek would inevitably challenge his superiors for control of their units. His keen eye for weakness of any kind allowed him to use such claims as justifications for unseating his commanders.

Though young and seemingly inexperienced, Kezrek was victorious in every challenge he brought forth. The troops respected him for his strength and prowess, while his officers were divided in their opinions of him. Some regarded him as an upstart while others respected him as someone that they might, in time, follow into battle.

By the time of his forty-second birthday, Kezrek had risen to the position of General Zarkuna One-Horn’s second-in-command. During his time as the One-Horn’s adjutant, Kezrek led assaults against enemies across Dominion space. One such campaign was Zarkuna’s pursuit of Commander Durek Stonebreaker to the planet of Jorigan Prime. Kezrek barely survived the ambush left for his commanding officer by the Exiles, even as he ensured the majority of his troops would survive.

After the debacle on Jorigan Prime, it seemed likely that General One-Horn would be executed for his failure to bring Stonebreaker to justice. Before the emperor could order Zarkuna’s execution by firing squad, Kezrek challenged the aging general for command of the Dominion legions. The emperor agreed, and the two Draken fought to the death. With his last breath, the One-Horn thanked Kezrek for allowing him to die with honor in combat.

Since the Dominion’s arrival on Nexus, Kezrek has continued to fight the Exile forces wherever they can be found. With battle lines finally stabilizing across the planet’s surface, as well as in space, the hot war of the past has been replaced with a war of attrition. Though focused on his inevitable victory over the Exiles, Kezrek is increasingly preoccupied by Emperor Myrcalus’s absence. He has even started to eye the throne, wondering if he might present a better ruler than his liege.[1]


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