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Considered the greatest affliction of any developing world, Krogg are the criminal vermin of the galactic ecosystem. Moving from world to world, the Krogg are cunning and savage bruisers who rely on their predatory instincts to shake down the weak and hapless. Many Krogg also like to brag about their criminal exploits, and are proud of their unsavory reputations.

The Krogg on Nexus are usually part of the Darkspur Cartel, the largest and most influential of the Krogg criminal organizations that plague the Galactic Fringe. The leader of the Cartel, "Black Jack" Moragg, is one of the most feared and powerful crime bosses in the galaxy.

Physical description

Krogg are large by conventional standards, growing to over four meters in height, with broad shoulders and wide, flat faces. In place of ears, they have horns which act as auditory sense organs, and their bodies are covered in tough scaly hides. They often wear long jackets and dark clothing, a civilized mantle that covers their brutish appearance.