Kuralak the Defiler

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Kuralak the Defiler
Kuralak the Defiler
Level 50 Boss
Health 29,001,722
Group Size 20-man
Location Genetic Archives
Status Killable

Kuralak the Defiler is the second boss of the Genetic Archives raid, and will be the second raid boss that players will face in WildStar. It must be defeated along with Experiment X-89 before a group may access the second floor of the Genetic Archives. Kuralak is a significantly more difficult fight than X-89, and will severely test a raid's ability to coordinate with each other and adapt to situations at a moment's notice.


  • Chromosome Corruption - The Egg Mechanic
Kuralak's signature move. Transforms any raider who currently has the Chromosome Corruption debuff into a Pulsating Cocoon, which will deal damage to the entire raid while it exists and will eventually kill the player within the cocoon. A Pulsating Cocoon can be destroyed using an interrupt, but the player that applies it will then receive the Chromosome Corruption debuff themselves. Breaking more than one Pulsating Cocoon at once will kill the interruptor and turn another player into a strain egg.
A player with the debuff will take continual damage over time while also having their Assault and Support Power increased by 100%. If a player with this debuff dies, then another random raider will have the debuff applied to them and turn into a Pulsating Cocoon If a player who already has the debuff breaks a cocoon, they will be instantly killed.
If Kuralak is casting Chromosome Corruption for the first time in the fight, then a random target will be selected to become a Pulsating Cocoon.
  • Vileness - Don't Stand in the Red
Creates several small red telegraphs under random raiders that damages anyone who gets hit by them, then applies a snare and the Vileness debuff for a few seconds. Any player that gets hit by Vileness while carrying the debuff takes massive damage and is killed, meaning getting hit by two Vileness circles at once or within quick succession will lead to a player death. Raiders must take care to dodge Vileness casts at all times.
  • Outbreak - Get Behind a Pillar
Creates a room-encompassing telegraph centered around Kuralak that will kill any player chaught in it. To avoid being hit, players must get behind any one of the four nearby pillars that doesn't have a static damage telegraph around.
  • DNA Siphon - Tank-Swap
Deals massive damage to and disables whomever has threat, and completely removes Kuralak's Interrupt Armor. If it is interrupted, the entire threat table is wiped and whoever interrupts the cast immediately gains a large amount of threat. Whenever a tank is hit with this, the other tank needs to interrupt Kuralak and assume tanking duties until the next cast takes place.



Due to the complexity of the fight, tasks will be broken up into several sections.

Once all raid members on pillar duty have gotten to their assigned positions, the boss can then be pulled.

Once the boss has been engaged, four lasers will extend out of each of the four inner pillars and six outer pillars then rotate for the remainder of the first phase. The raid will have to continuously run in a circle during that time while also dodging Vileness to avoid taking damage.

Kuralak will then teleport behind one of the six outer pillars, where the raid members on pillar duty will immediately interrupt her then run back to rejoin the raid. So long as Kuralak remains uninterrupted, the raiders on pillar duty will take damage and a red telegraph where she used to stand will expand, decreasing the amount of room the raid has to dodge lasers with.

The phase will continue like this until she teleports out again. On the second teleport, Kuralak will be out longer due to the travel time of the people on pillar duty.

After she returns from the second teleport, she needs to be damaged enough to push her into her next phase.

On Kuralak's second (and final) phase all of the rotating lasers will deactivate and the four inner pillars will randomly generate static telegraphs around them for the rest of the fight. Vileness will continue to be cast. She will periodically cast Outbreak, forcing the raid to move behind a pillar for safety. Shortly after the start of this phase, Kuralak will cast Chromosome Corruption (further explained in the following section) for the first time, then continue to do so periodically for the rest of the fight.

Note that it's important that the entire raid is directed to move to the same pillar, as raiders with the Chromosome Corruption debuff will be taking continual damage and need to be in the same place as their healers in order to survive.

The raid needs to kill the boss after eight people are turned into Pulsating Cocoons, otherwise Kuralak will turn sixteen raiders into eggs at once, causing the raid to wipe.

Egg Assignments

The easiest way to handle the Chromosome Corruption mechanic is to assign people positions based upon cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West) to stand and interrupt relative to the boss during each "egg phase". This way the set of instructions each individual has to follow is simple (Ex: Interrupt North on 2-egg phase, then sit South every other phase). Each phase needs to be set up so that all eggs are interrupted by people without the debuff, as the death of anyone with the debuff will spread the corruption to random members of the raid and most likely cause a wipe.

As the initial person to be corrupted will be chosen at random, one (preferably competent) raider's job will be to take the interrupt/positioning assignment from whatever raider was turned into an egg first.

Pillar Duty

When Kuralak casts Vanish, the people who were originally on pillars should return to their pillars, and the one lucky one should interrupt Kuralak. Everyone else just keeps running in circles, avoiding a growing circle of red where Kuralak usually stands.


The only thing tanks need to worry about is DNA Siphon(see above). Positioning is irrelevant.


With enough gear, a tank can solo tank the fight. You just tank the damage from DNA Siphon either with a strong defensive cooldown or a cheat death mechanic. If DNA Siphon doesn't get interrupted, the threat table never gets wiped, so the tank will need good threat to hold off the DPS that get eggs(because eggs double damage and therefore double threat).


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