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Kurg are creatures native to the Lopp homeworld Lagos, and the diminutive treasure-seekers brought many breeding pairs with them to the planet Nexus. There the kurg continue to serve as mounts, pets, and protectors, as they always have for the Lopp people. Kurg-tenders are more than shepherds who watch over herds of kurg. They also train kurg not to attack Lopp, and teach the beasts how to serve the Lopp instead. Though kurg are never killed for meat, when kurg near the ends of their natural lives the kurg-tenders oversee the slaughter and disposition of the bodies - which will serve as a source of hides, furs, and building materials. Otherwise kurg are considered sacred, and even when they die a natural death are never eaten by the Lopp who love them.

Physical description

As large as the Lopp are small, kurg are actually the largest known creatures on Lagos- a world where high gravity has otherwise led to diminutive life forms. Despite their size, or perhaps because of it, on worlds with normal gravity (like Nexus) their sturdy and powerful bodies can travel for weeks without ill effects even with minimal food and water. There are very few feral or wild kurg on Nexus, so they are usually seen carrying cargo, saddles, and at least one Lopp.