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Laveka the Dark-Hearted
Laveka the Dark-Hearted
Gender Female
Species Draken
Affiliation Redmoon Marauders
Occupation Necroshaman
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Bloodshaman Akilos
Companion(s) Mordechai Redmoon

Laveka the Dark-Hearted is a Draken necroshaman who serves as the spiritual advisor and lover of Marauder captain Mordechai Redmoon. She is a practitioner of the Dark Rites, a corrupt branch of the Draken religion, and is reviled and persecuted by her people because of it. She serves as the brains behind the Redmoon Marauders, providing support with her blood magic when needed.[1]

Laveka began as an apprentice of Bloodshaman Akilos in Deradune, but turned to the occult practice of necroshamanism. For this betrayal, Akilos dubbed her "the Dark-Hearted."[1]

Physical Description

Laveka is a seductive female Draken with blue-grey skin and dark hair. Her predatory green eyes are complimented by a facial tattoo representative of a skull. Likewise, her limbs have been marked by necromantic sigils. As a member of the Redmoon Marauders who has mastered the power of the Mask of Mog-Mog, Laveka wears the full regalia of a high necroshaman.[1]


Laveka has delved deep into the arts of necroshamanism and, as a result, has become a strange, witchy character. She is prone to fits of volubility, speaking often in riddles bordering on madness. She takes a sinister pleasure in the gruesome and the perverted, and is overcome by sudden mood swings ranging from anger to pleasure and back again. She is often cruel and heartless when it comes to furthering her own cause and bears grudges for a long time—as evidenced by her intense hatred of the Draken.[1]


Laveka was apprenticed to Bloodshaman Akilos and came to Nexus with her master to settle in Bloodfire Village in Deradune. While cleaning his study one afternoon, she discovered a dusty grimoire detailing the Dark Rites—a forbidden form of religious magic and a perversion of the sacred Blood Covenants. Impatient with Akilos' slow instruction and curious about the power of the Dark Rites, Laveka studied the tome in secret and began to delve deeply into the arts of necroshamanism.

Sent to investigate Deradune’s Moodies by her master, Laveka discovered the creatures possessed powerful and innate death magic. Watching from afar, she determined that the Moodie leader—a necromancer named Tamolo—possessed a magical staff imbued with the power of the dead. Craving the staff, but unwilling to risk her own life to claim it, Laveka enlisted the aid of an unsuspecting hero to bring it into her possession before vanishing into Deradune’s wilds.

With Tamolo’s staff in hand, Laveka traveled to the Endless Vigil, a cemetery where the bones of countless Draken heroes had been laid to rest. After cowing the superstitious Moodies into obedient submission, Laveka resurrected many dead Draken to serve her in an attempt to take control of her people in Deradune. Fortunately, her plans proved to be flawed and she faced defeat at the hands of the hero who had unwittingly helped her acquire Tamolo’s staff in the first place.

Fleeing Deradune following her latest setback, Laveka evaded constant pursuit by Draken bloodhunters. She sought to thwart her enemies by fleeing to the Halon Ring, but was instead captured by the Redmoon Marauders. Brought aboard the Redmoon Terror by her captors, Laveka was interrogated at length by their infamous captain—Mordechai Redmoon. Laveka plied Mordechai with promises of power and riches and the two struck a bargain to work together from that point forward.

Though Mordechai seems to possess feelings for Laveka, she views the pirate captain as little more than a necessary tool to achieve her ultimate goal—control of Nexus and, in time, the galaxy. In order to see her dreams realized, Laveka must increase her own ability to control necromantic magic. The Mask of Mog-Mog, taken from Skullcano Island, is but one part of her plan, and there is no telling what further atrocities she will commit on her path to ultimate power.[1]

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