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A wild coastal region that graces the shores of one of Nexus's great oceans, Levian Bay may not have the most pleasant weather on the planet but it is certainly a treasure trove of Eldan history, rare artifacts, and mysterious creatures. Claimed by the Dominion, a well-armed force of citizen soldiers, settlers, and researchers have had to contend with Exile attacks and dangerous Eldan constructs that roam the area around a massive Eldan facility with an as-yet-unknown purpose. Lady Artemis Zin is known to visit Levian Bay frequently in her ongoing hunt for the legendary Elder Cube.

Seaspine Point

A prominent peninsula along the outer edge of Levian Bay, Seaspine Point is the landing zone of choice for Dominion citizens first settling foot in the region. Many Mechari and Cassians make Seaspine Point their first destination on Nexus, as the majestic sight of Star-Comm Station combined with the scenic viewpoints can make for a stunning first impression for new arrivals - when the weather is cooperative that is.

  • Supervisor Sernelia

Jagged Cove


Zin's Landing

  • Wingman Volaticus
  • Scholar Valensa - <The Royal Collegium>


  • Agent Infivan
  • Pilot Apex
  • Captain Doxhertz

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