WildStar Wiki
Gender Female
Species Aurin
Character class Esper
Path Scientist
Affiliation Exile Academy of Science
Occupation Botanist
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Companion(s) Sarge (co-worker), Buck Wanderbeck (co-worker)
Every life on this planet is precious! ... Except that one.


Liara is a member of Research Team Alpha, a trio of her, Buck Wanderbeck, and Sarge sent to study Nexus and its various wonders. Though she, like most Scientists, scan whatever is of interest, her specialty is in botany. Her first appearance is during the official Blur trailer, and is interviewed for the WildStar Wednesday article "Meet the Aurin."

Physical description

Liara has luxurious, wavy purple hair reaching up to her waist, with bangs on the front. She has purple bunny ears, and pale olive eyes.


Liara is curious, friendly, and fascinated by Nexus and all of its wonders, most especially its plants. She merrily scans and examines the exotic flora of the planet, and gets angry when they are casually destroyed, like Sarge using them for target practice. She is still afraid of the more dangerous variants, like Stemdragons, however.

Like most Aurin, a sour note for her is any mention of the Dominion, especially the Ravaging of Arboria. Though usually positive and chipper, she will quickly become upset and reluctantly resort to strong language (by Aurin standards). She would much prefer to avoid such subjects.

She seems to be able to reveal the soft side of people, saying that her sergeant is really "just a big softie." Based on the interviewer's reaction, Sarge is not usually known for his sensitivity and kindness.



Buck is the Explorer of their trio, scouting out ahead and reporting back any locations of interest or potential dangers. In reality, Buck oftentimes gets the group into trouble or compounds their problems.

She tolerates his extremely overconfident personality, and his tendency to poke his nose where he really shouldn't. It helps that she ignores most of what he says.


Liara's commanding officer and the security of their group, she has a very good relationship with him. Though she doesn't tolerate his antics that involve the destruction of valuable organisms, she is one of the few (if only) persons able to reveal Sarge's soft side.

Possible demise

In Tales From Beyond The Fringe "Mystery and Mayhem!" the Dominion and Exiles receiving Victor Lazarin's and Mondo Zax's "gifts" are shown. The raygun from Zax is shown zapping and potentially liquefying an Aurin who looks quite a lot like Liara. The glowing eyes, and the missing nose do not bode well.

There has been no official word on whether this was actually Liara, or the art was just based off of her for convenience's sake.