WildStar Wiki
Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Analysis ANALYSIS: Plague Canisters Scan the Canisters the Black Hoods are using to spread the plague UI Item Bag 001.png [Auroria Research Materials]
Scientist ScanMagic.png ANALYSIS: Channelers of the Blackheart Scan Blackheart Spellbinders, Summoners, and Enchanters
Analysis ANALYSIS: Dropping Like Granok Scan the Lancer Drop Pods
Scientist ScanMagic.png ANALYSIS: Grim Foci Scan the Voreth Bone Totems around Kel Voreth
Archaeology ARCHAEOLOGY: Augmentation Relics Scan Eldan Technology buried inside Greystone Caverns
Archaeology ARCHAEOLOGY: Heroes of the Osun Scan shrines to five Osun heroes inside Kel Voreth
Biology BIOLOGY: Cuboar Rejects Scan the Cuboar at the Protostar Cubig Farms to analyze their mutations
Biology BIOLOGY: Biting Boulder Scan Biting Boulders
Biology BIOLOGY: Greystone Canimid Scan Greystone Canimid to collect biological data
Biology BIOLOGY: Honeyhive Buzzbings Scan Honeyhive Buzzbings to collect biological data
Biology BIOLOGY: Plagued Citizens Scan Plagued Citizens to get information on the Hycrest illness
Biology BIOLOGY: Scavenger Studies Scan the Fringe dagun and Sky Cutters for contamination
Scientist ScanMagic.png BIOLOGY: Slaves of the Osun Scan Soulrot Elixir and those enslaved by the Osun
Scientist ScanPlant.png BIOLOGY: Terminite Studies Scan Terminites in the Noxious Glade to learn about their behavior and biology
Scientist ScanPlant.png BIOLOGY: Victims of Augmentation Scan augmented Collegium researchers at the Windfall Dig Site
Botany BOTANY: Blooming Gildgrass Scan Blooming Gildgrass to collect biological data
Botany BOTANY: Volatile Nova Blossom Scan Nova Blossoms to collect botanical data
Chemistry CHEMISTRY: Terrenite Scan Terrenite deposits in the quarry
Datacube Decryption DATACUBE DECRYPTION: Auroria Find all the Eldan Datacubes in Auroria